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Entrepreneurs of the Year Award

Entrepreneurs of the Year Award

The Entrepreneurs of the Year Award has been established by the National Economic Empowerment Council to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship across the country. The award seeks to recognize and honour the efforts and achievements of exceptional entrepreneurs. The Awards also seek to highlight models of excellence for others to emulate and improve upon.

The Award aims on strengthening the performances of micro, small and medium enterprises whilst building their capabilities to prepare them for a competitive market. It aims to boost the caliber and competitiveness of SMEs as well as distinguish institutions and individuals offering their support to them through appreciation and deliverance of an opportune environment to network and exchange knowledge in this field of expertise.

The winners will be awarded their prizes by Hon. Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania during the 3rd Annual Economic Empowerment Forum planned to take place in June 2018.

Objectives of the Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018 Award

  1. To cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  2. To celebrate and promote successful and promising Entrepreneurs who not only contribute to the business community and economy but also the social community. These entrepreneurs will serve to provide leadership and also as guiding examples for emerging and young or future entrepreneurs.
  3. To Identify and honor established businesses for their outstanding achievements and contribution to the society and to serve as guiding role models.
  4. To promote entrepreneurism by championing the entrepreneurial spirit, cultivate the entrepreneur culture and support an eco-system to sustain it.
  5. To spotlight leading innovation private sector projects happening today in Africa. This is the moment when entrepreneurs can showcase their remarkable achievements, where partners and participants get to know about outstanding SMEs.

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