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What is Swahili Mart?

What is Swahili Mart?

Well if you are seeing this blog post and you have no clue what Swahili Mart is, am going to break it down for you in simple words. Swahili Mart is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of products made in Tanzania. You can visit the website here www.swahilimart.co.tz or download android mobile app here www.bit.ly/swahilimart-app.

Image: Swahilimart Mobile App
Image: Swahilimart Mobile App
Good News to Local Entrepreneurs:

What makes Swahili Mart standout is promoting products made by local manufacturers, writers and artisans in Tanzania, who have quality products and are ready to market and sale their products to their targeted market.  Entrepreneurs with Health and Beauty products, Food and Beverage, Clothing and Shoes, home and living, recycled products, art and sculpture products and Book and Stationary products are all welcomed to register and sell their products on this marketplace.

Swahili Mart Products Categories
Image: Swahilimart Product Categories

For those who loves doing shopping online, can explore different options of quality products made in Tanzania through this platform. Visitors can shop by categories and by locations.

What’s the ultimate goal?

Entrepreneurs who have already branded their products and registered their businesses, or are in the process of branding and registering their businesses are welcomed to list and sell their products here: Click to Register.  The goal is to empower local individuals, small businesses and industries to become sustainable by helping them, to connect with their customers, or potential customers.

Swahili Mart aims to create a strong positive image of products made in Tanzania by Tanzanians. For Tanzanians to appreciate quality home made products, they need to have a convenient access to locally made products all over the country through digital channels first.

That’s all about Swahili Mart, you can like, share or leave comment on this post, in case you want more information send your email here info@swahilimart.co.tz we would appreciate. Cheers, and don’t forget to download and rate Swahili Mart mobile app here www.bit.ly/swahilimart-app



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  1. well explained and straight forward

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